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The No.1 Trait of a Recession-Proof Team and How to Get It

Let’s not beat around the bush… We ARE in a recession. Maybe it’s not a housing recession, but this is no time to kick our feet up and take it easy.

Getting more than our share of the market takes a dialed-in team with no weak links – and that takes some serious accountability. This week, I spoke with Lydia Gable about the importance of drive, the necessity of hard conversations, and how happy everyone can be when you find the right balance.

If you feel like your team could benefit from grinding a little harder, you’ll want to watch, listen, and share this fantastic advice.

In this episode, we discuss…

0:44 – About Lydia

2:26 – Adjusting for a recession

4:24 – Being the educator for everyone

6:00 – Adjusting for a skill-based market

8:20 – Putting accountability into place

10:52 – Education over sales

13:10 – Be the expert where you are the expert

14:40 – What are seller seminars?

17:52 – Intention behind the seminars

19:31 – The hard kind of accountability

23:20 – Is it time to recruit experienced agents?

25:37 – What being gritty means

28:56 – Final thoughts and contact Lydia