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Train Only A-Players with the Perfect Onboarding Process

Do you run a team where your agents aren’t performing at a top level? Are you starting to build a team and aren’t certain of how to onboard new agents? The first thing you need is a coach. The second is to listen to the process Steve Rovithis uses.

Steve runs one of the biggest “teamerages” in the country, with over 120 salespeople across four regions. It’s not surprising that Steve studied biology in college, because he has a fundamental understanding of how things grow, and this week he spoke with me about how to grow an army of happy, rich super-agents.

If you’re interested in growth, implementing training, or working in a success-driven environment, you gotta check this one out, right here.

In this episode, we discuss…

0:30 – Biology and real estate

1:28 – Is college the right thing?

2:30 – Getting into real estate

5:30 – How books transform a person

6:41 – Going solo (mistakes in team building)

9:24 – First coach (training vs coaching)

10:32 – Transitioning to the bigtime

13:35 – Lead sources for huge growth

15:07 – Replace yourself repeatedly and correctly

19:30 – Structure for success (mentors and coaches)

22:34 – Identify the right people

25:09 – Invest in training

27:52 – Onboarding breakdown / training modules

33:44 – A-players only

39:36 – Early mistakes

41:00 – Commission career path

46:13 – Other core services

48:12 – Get in touch with Steve