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Balancing Act: How a Married Couple Built 5 Businesses in 5 Years

Galen Callahan and Sergio Gonzalez have been married for 13 years, have five daughters together, and in the last five years they have built… you guessed it… FIVE different companies.

Where most people would be spinning out of control, Galen and Sergio have found a way to manage their businesses and their home life with ease and efficiency. On today’s episode of Team Builders, this dynamic duo shared with me some of their secrets, including:

  • Pivoting when circumstances change
  • Playing to each other’s strengths
  • Installing management and creating the right culture for each company
  • Outsourcing at work and home

If you work directly with your spouse or have ever considered it, you’ll want to watch or listen to this advice, right here.

In this episode, we discuss…

1:10 – How Galen and Sergio got started (individually)

3:46 – From lender to agent

5:11 – Going independent

7:52 – Running an escrow business

11:44 – The reason to keep building

13:24 – 805 Life

16:38 – Using money to make money

19:18 – How to manage multiple businesses

22:14 – Installing management teams

23:57 – The vision and commitment

25:17 – Reach out to Sergio and Galen

26:19 – It’s all in the ecosystem