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Finding the Perfect Team for 5-Star Service

Why do you want a team? For Joy Metalios, it’s all about delivering 5-Star service to every single one of her clients, no matter how much she stands to gain on a sale. It’s about taking every job, seizing every opportunity to give more value, and enjoying the journey together.

It might not be about the money for Joy, but she currently has a team of TWENTY-THREE PEOPLE who closed 140 transactions last year at an average sales price of $2.5 million. I’d say she’s doing something right.

On this week’s Team Builders, I talked with Joy about how to find the right team for you and what the best ways to lead are once you have them. You won’t want to miss this!

In this episode, we discuss…

1:20 – Who do you hire first?

3:34 – The two styles of onboarding

4:52 – Gaining that growth mindset

7:40 – The five-star experience

11:37 – It’s the little things

12:40 – Management and standards

15:40 – Don’t be too harsh

16:44 – It’s about the journey

18:25 – A future of golden moments

20:11 – How to connect with Joy