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Solo to Team in 5 Moves

Me and Alyssia Essig go way back. Over her 25 years in the business, she’s done it all, from working on her own, to leading teams, and now she’s teaching leadership as one of our coaches!

This week, Alyssia is going to tell you the 5 vital steps to building a dream team that will grow your business. You’ll learn:

  • The questions you need to ask before building a team
  • How to hire – get someone who wants to do the things you hate!
  • Choosing your team model and your business model

And that’s only scratching the surface. Watch or listen to this 30-minute conversation to begin thinking bigger and taking the first steps towards building your perfect team.

In this episode, we discuss…

0:45 – A little about Alyssia

1:46 – Doing it alone sucks (perspective from a manager)

2:40 – It takes a good leader

3:33 – Imposter syndrome is real

4:05 – Why partners need to have the same priorities

6:05 – Staying together for the kids

7:38 – Alyssia gets free and builds big

8:31 – Step 1: Why do you want a team?

10:42 – Team models (Team Leader / Lead-Team / Hybrid)

12:33 – Step 2: Understand your numbers

16:16 – Step 3: Hire the yin to your yang

20:00 – How to hire (and where)

21:52 – Step 4: What’s your business model? (Getting leads)

25:45 – Does this sound too simple?

27:24 – Step 5: What’s your culture?

31:25 – You MUST be authentic, or they will sniff it out!