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Maximizing Per-Agent Productivity with Teresa Cowart

With high enough standards, you don’t need a mega team to create mega results.

Teresa Cowart leads a team in Savannah, GA, where her 17 agents averaged 47 closed transactions in 2021!

And she joins me on today’s episode of Team Builders to reveal how they do it.

From accountability and production standards to the importance of tracking and measuring, Teresa shares her experience and insight into how to run a highly efficient team.


In this episode, we discuss…

3:00 – Teresa decides to build a team

4:51 – “We did things other agents didn’t do”

6:13 – Don’t be afraid to make mistakes

8:56 – How tracking showed Teresa how much money she was wasting

12:30 – The importance of recognizing not every agent is cut from the same cloth

14:43 – Teresa’s most effective lead pillars

16:45 – “All the gold is in the database”

19:35 – Transferring skills as a team leader

25:55 – How Teresa sets high standards from the start for her agents

28:30 – Using vision boards to better understand your colleagues

33:32 – Why “staying in your lane” is so important to team success

35:58 – What’s next?

37:20 – A great line to keep agents focused every December 😀