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Solving Problems at Scale with a 3000 Annual Transactions Team Leader

As team leader of Arizona-statewide real estate group The Laughton Team, George Laughton oversees approximately 150 agents closing 3000 transactions annually for a total of 1 billion dollars in volume.

So he knows what it takes to successfully build a powerhouse real estate team.

But today’s episode of Team Builders isn’t only for those building mega teams. I also got inside George’s thought process for anyone looking to start growing a team from scratch.

Whether you’re looking to take that first step or already managing a team, George’s insights are too valuable to miss. Make sure you watch or listen to this one!


In this episode, we discuss…

0:45 – What is the biggest challenge the consumer faces?

2:32 – George’s backstory

5:38 – What changed in 2017

7:40 – “There’s always more great ideas than there is the capacity to execute”

13:45 – Thinking through the process of massive scaling

18:49 – How to visualize a new initiative

24:12 – What’s next after the mind map?

27:35 – The best way to capture sellers

29:55 – George’s thoughts on buyer consultations

31:20 – Keeping buyers engaged in a challenging market

33:35 – The secrets to maintaining consistency

37:30 – How to help the agent screaming “I’m out of time!”

39:17 – The big question: How to hire and train your first salesperson

48:10 – Tips to combat the emergence of referral fees

52:14 – What the channel partners are looking for today

54:32 – Looking into the future of real estate