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Recruiting & Retention Lessons Learned the Hard Way (Part 2 of 2)

On today’s Team Builders, I’m excited to continue my conversation with Lisa Chinatti and Tom Toole, talking all things recruiting, retention, culture building and more.

In part two, we cover:

  • How to systematize retention
  • Tips for responding to adversity
  • Culture and community building
  • Creating agents who aren’t “portal-reliant”

And much more!


In this episode, we discuss…

0:58 – Recruiting based on values

5:12 – Honest tips on retention

7:27 – How Tom systematized his retention process

10:20 – One component you can’t scale

14:25 – Crisis management: How Tom responded when half his team left

16:15 – “You can’t correct people in a public setting”

17:35 – How culture differs from community building

19:20 – Building and maintaining culture across multiple office locations

19:58 – THIS is what culture and community is all about

21:13 – The most important things to think about in the next 3 years

26:35 – Contribution is key to getting more agent-to-agent referrals