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Debbie Holloway

"Motivating Your Mindset"

Debbie Holloway champions the team coaching program for Ferry International, the real estate industry’s leading coaching and training company. With more than 30 years in the real estate industry, Debbie’s career has been dedicated to inspiring others to reach the next level in life and in business

Previously, Debbie owned and ran a successful real estate franchise as well as a mortgage company. As an early client of Tom Ferry, she advanced her business in ways she could not have dreamed possible. Now, as a long-time coach and speaker at Ferry International, her focus is on helping agents build teams and become profitable as well as building a community of women of influence within the real estate industry to share, grow and create the lives that they want.

Debbie will inspire attendees to reach the next level in life and in business.

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Debbie’s Areas of Expertise

Influence and Persuasion
Team Building
Women in Business

Speaker Topics

Get The Signature

  • Get and qualify the appointment, get the signature
  • Creating an unstoppable listing presentation
  • Know your client before you meet them
  • Present with power

What You Say Matters

  • 3 dialogues for lead conversion
  • 3 specific NLP techniques to improve your level of influence
  • 2 strategies to win every appointment

The Art of Persuasion

  • Understand where your client is coming from
  • Top 4 techniques to help your clients make a decision
  • Who we have to be during the process
  • How to read their body language

The Power of Charm

  • How we treat those around us
  • How to build rapport quickly
  • 3 components to charm
  • Commitments to growing your database and your profile in your community

Ultimate Team Building Strategies

  • Structuring for success
  • Hiring made easy
  • Simple onboarding system
  • How technology can help
  • Creating a bright future for you and your team

Empowering Women for Success

  • Balance business, family and life
  • Learn your super powers
  • Women empowering women in the workplace
  • Safety tips
  • Enhanced communication techniques

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