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More About Jarrod Davis

Jarrod Davis has been in real estate for nearly 30 years and has grown within the industry from being a single agent, to running a productive team, to owning his own brokerage by the age of 27. He has over a decade of extensive experience in various aspects of the industry including sales, marketing, and team building. He quickly became a leader in the industry holding many leadership roles, where he coached and trained many agents to achieve similar levels of success.

In 2016 his team was named as the fastest growing office in the world and in Canada for 2 years doing 1 billion in sales, with 130 agents doing 2700 transactions. In the last seven years, Jarrod has recruited more than 700 agents and overseen the running of a 300-plus agent office.

One of the reasons why Jarrod Davis is so highly regarded as a leader in the real estate industry is his ability to connect with people on a personal level. He is passionate about helping agents succeed and takes a holistic approach to coaching, which includes not just business strategies but also personal development. He believes that success in real estate requires a balance between personal and professional growth, and he works with his clients to develop both.

In addition to his coaching work, Jarrod Davis is also a highly sought-after speaker and has spoken at numerous real estate events and conferences. He is known for his engaging and dynamic speaking style and his ability to motivate and inspire his audience.

As a Tom Ferry business coach, he is always focused on helping others grow and build financially secure businesses. His focus in coaching is specifically in helping broker/owners and teams to create models and systems to be able to scale their business by creating operational excellence that is duplicatable and repeatable by leveraging, strategic tracking and shifting.

His passion for leadership has always stretched well beyond himself in helping others create and build businesses worth owning. His belief that everybody, no matter who they are or where they are in life, has the opportunity to succeed at a higher level. The path to success is found by leveraging through others – understanding that everybody is different, everybody has value, and by respecting those differences, we all can grow together.

Jarrod is a true entrepreneur at heart always focused on growth and business development as one of the top Tom Ferry real estate business coaches in North America. He was born in northern Canada in a remote mining town where he trained as cross country skier and competed Nationally across Canada. He is the Author of the self-help book Adapt, Building strong meaningful relationship through self-discovery. Jarrod is also the president and Founder of Tails of the Wild which is home to nearly 45 animals, many of which are rescues. Tails of the Wild is an educational facility focused on sharing the message of Conservation and Preservation issues from around the world.


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