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Meet Chris Giannos, a rising star in the realms of real estate and proptech. Chris’s journey in the industry began when he was still a literal teenager. At just 19, he became the youngest person ever to work at In less than two years, he ascended to the top of the sales leaderboard before transitioning into management in Zillow's Orange County office, making it clear that he was a talent to watch.

Chris's career took a dynamic turn when he was enlisted to revitalize a stagnant RE/MAX brokerage. With his leadership, the team soared to new heights, producing an annual sales volume of a staggering $100 million in real estate transactions. But Chris wasn’t done. When another aspiring real estate brokerage needed a transformation, they called Chris. Again, he orchestrated the team's growth from just three agents to over 220, culminating in an incredible $1.25 billion in sales in two short years.

Never one to rest on his laurels, Chris recognized the need for innovation in real estate recruitment and co-founded in September of 2022. Supported by the well-respected Ferry Ventures, has become the go-to SaaS solution for teams/brokerages looking to grow their headcount. Within its first year, the platform experienced a 1,300% growth rate and now boasts an annual recurring revenue exceeding $1.25 million. has not only simplified the recruitment process but has redefined it, turning it into a science of precision and efficiency.

While many experts focus on purely recruitment, Chris has a different perspective. He knows that the real key to a successful real estate business is training. He believes in empowering agents with tactical skill sets to truly thrive, a principle guided by his personal mantra, "Pain is the gatekeeper of destiny." For Chris, pushing boundaries and breaking through barriers is what leads to real growth and achievement.

So why should you book Chris Giannos for your next real estate event? Because Chris is not just another success story; he is a leader who transforms potential into performance. He is an authority on recruiting, team growth, and converting online leads into tangible revenue. Booking Chris doesn't just mean you're making a choice; it means you're making a commitment to elevate your real estate business to unparalleled heights.


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