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Alicia Soekawa, a first-generation Korean-American with a decade of real estate expertise, epitomizes dedication and innovation in the industry. Her journey through Richmond’s real estate landscape began by helping her fathers business, laying the groundwork for her own stellar career.

Before committing to real estate, she excelled academically at Meredith College and thrived for 15 years in biopharmaceutical sales, winning many awards. Once she did make the jump to agent in 2014 and then broker in 2018, she swiftly rose to prominence, earning numerous accolades and becoming a nationwide coach for Tom Ferry International. In 2022, she founded The Collaborative, a company driven by the ethos of experienced Realtors collaborating for a brighter tomorrow. Here, Alicia shines as a mentor, leading a team of skilled Realtors dedicated to making a significant community impact.

Alicia has a holistic approach to real estate focused on maximizing referrals by emphasizing client relationships and comprehensive service. She excels in complex scenarios like simultaneous buying and selling, backed by her prowess in technology, social media marketing, and property styling. Her network of contractors, agents, and lenders ensure clients have comprehensive home solutions.

Amidst personal challenges during the pandemic, Alicia became a certified Tom Ferry Business Coach in order to to fuel other agents with the resilience and adaptability she’d developed. Her specialties in Time Management & Referral Business have led her to host webinars and speak on various panels, sharing her insights on leadership, real estate, and business systems.

In her personal life, Alicia's commitment to continuous development is evident through her participation in Mastermind groups, conferences, and Peloton workouts. She cherishes her family life with her husband and business partner, Michael, and their three children, Sebastian, Clover, and Reign, along with their pets, Barbie and Ken.


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