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Education and Timing for Your Long-Term Nurture Strategy

On this episode of Confidence & Conversion, we’re talking about your long-term lead nurturing strategy for getting more listings. And it’s hard to think of two people better to tackle this than expert coaches David Caldwell and Greg Holthaus.

I spoke with David and Greg about how agents need to leverage virtual assistants to get more listings, the best CRMs and CRM hacks to get you on the phone, and most importantly, the education you need to convert at the highest level. We talked about not just how to follow up with your past clients but when, because as you’ll see, timing makes all the difference.

In this episode, we discuss…

0:00 – Utilization of VAs

2:48 – Operationalize simple conversations

5:43 – Door-knocking & YT ads

7:51 – Open houses

11:08 – Pandemic client check-ups

13:07 – Long-term nurture

17:00 – Education for conversation

23:30 – Greg’s top 4 CRMs

27:12 – Why agents aren’t following up

32:10 – Knowledge for conversion

35:30 – The three Cs of negotiation