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Mic Drop Scripts and Shifts You Need for Buyers and Sellers

As the market adjusts, what are the conversations you need to be having with your buyers and sellers? Ideally, you will set realistic expectations, make them feel comfortable moving forward, and have plenty of “mic drop” moments that confirm your value.

If you’re looking for all this and more, you need to watch this conversation I had with Phil Gerdes. If you don’t already know Phil from his hugely successful YouTube show “Rated PG,” you’ll know him after this as the guy who gave you some of your most effective words and phrases for working with buyers and sellers.

This episode is only fifteen minutes, but you’re going to want to take notes – I sure did 😉

In this episode, we discuss…

1:08 – Understanding nuances

2:03 – Instead of CMAs…

3:25 – God property investors

5:33 – Establishing next events

8:38 – Pipedream pricing

10:00 – The 3 types of home value

11:47 – Conversation for buyers

14:30 – Follow Phil!