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Generate Referrals by Alleviating Fear

When the headlines are spreading unwarranted fear, your No. 1 job is to be the trusted advisor for your community. It sure doesn’t hurt if this helps you generate referrals.

But the way in which you advise your sphere makes a difference. David Caldwell has a process for getting one-on-one with the people in your network to alleviate the fear in your marketplace, nurture sellers years in the making, and, yes, generate referrals.

This is possibly the most important thing you could be doing for your business, so make sure to check out my conversation with David, right here.

In this episode, we discuss…

0:46 – The communication problem

1:50 – The genesis of David’s strategy

3:05 – Steps of the strategy

4:28 – Most common objection

6:45 – Tom’s challenge

7:52 – Talking points and “keepable” pieces

12:00 – The questions to ask

14:44 – The most important question

16:46 – Making a difference