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Advanced Buyer Tactics from 4 Great Women of Real Estate

Tough market, you say? No time to mess around, then. I have one, two, three, FOUR of the most amazing women in real estate here in the studio to help me answer the questions, “How do we get those buyers off the fence, and how do we do it faster?”

Sarah Allen, Keri White, Jen Dillard, and Glennda Baker and not only answer that question – they do it with enough precision to leave time to talk about (obviously) time management and even to give you a few video tips.

You’re going to want to watch or listen, buy a house, and leave a comment.

In this episode, we discuss…

0:00 – Introductions

1:08 – The new buyer’s script (facts vs talk)

3:15 – Whose pocket is your money going into?

5:25 – Getting them through insecurity faster

7:38 – Perfect world offers

10:51 – Signing bonuses and inspections

13:04 – Appraisals and seller net sheets

14:36 – Intentional time

17:11 – GB’s Google form

18:40 – Delegation and trust

20:48 – Most important video tips

24:07 – Get in touch