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Vulnerability: The Secret Sauce of Life

This week, we’re talking about a unique (and potentially more powerful) form of confidence. Dan Prud’Homme is a master salesman. He always said he only wanted to sell and had no interest in managing. But then something happened, and now Dan is running a super successful “teamerage” where he devotes all his energy to helping other agents discover their own power.

I sat down with Dan expecting to talk about how to close more deals, and he definitely delivers that. But what he also delivers is a secret which goes way beyond making money. Dan’s advice has the potential to make you more confident, happy, and caring in every aspect of life by allowing you to connect with others on a deeper level.

Listen to Dan’s voice and watch his face, and you’ll understand the truth behind what he says. I guarantee this one will make you smile, so check it out, right here.

In this episode, we discuss…

0:29 – How Dan got started

1:13 – Handling the challenging market

2:36 – Going from Rockstar agent to helping others

4:38 – Making connections and writing good offers

6:36 – Demonstrating value

8:09 – Components of a high-quality CMA

9:00 – Using personality profiles to be more influential

10:25 – Trainings to help teams develop certainty

13:17 – The superpower of vulnerability

16:52 – Applying vulnerability, the ultimate form of confidence

17:41 – What do you have to lose?

20:46 – Dan’s book recommendation