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Get Your Offers Accepted by Trusting the Process

Have you ever hit a rough patch where your offers just weren’t getting accepted? You were probably asking yourself what you did or said wrong, and the answer might be nothing. It’s because you didn’t trust the process!

Jeff Mays coaches an agent who recently wrote 17 offers and got 16 accepted. How? By taking a breath, slowing down, and saying the right things at the right time. You can hit all the marks, but if you don’t hit them in order, you’re making everything harder for you and your client.

You’ll want to watch…listen…follow…the…steps…

In this episode, we discuss…

0:27 – Sit down and explain the plan

1:20 – Slow down to speed up

1:38 – Which group are you in?

2:39 – Explanation shows value

3:38 – Have case studies ready

4:36 – Under contract within two hours of meeting

6:19 – Like making a sandwich

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