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Hot Market Objection Handlers You Should Be Using

Many homeowners today are scared to move because all they hear is how difficult it is to buy a house, and they feel like they’ll be stranded with nowhere to live if they sell.

Tom Toole is here to dispel that notion. I asked him to join me on today’s Confidence & Conversion to talk about some of the objection handlers every agent needs in today’s competitive market.

It’s always enlightening to role play with Tom Toole. The guy works on his scripts and it’s obvious. Watch this episode to learn the important scripts to overcome those consumer fears.


In this episode, we discuss…

0:45 – We’d love to sell, but the market is so hot, where will we go?

3:11 – The ultimate offer acceptance strategy

3:47 – Why future pacing is critical to the client experience

4:56 – Outlining the 10-minute driveway presentation

7:22 – “Settlement dates and terms are just important as price”

9:12 – How to “onboard” a new client