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Dialogues to Get Potential Sellers Off the Fence

Welcome to Confidence & Conversion! This show is all about feeding you ideas and dialogues so you can conduct more productive conversations with prospects.

On this premiere episode, super coach Jeff Mays joins me to discuss how to use the announced mortgage interest rate hikes to your advantage to get potential sellers off the fence and on the market.

We share some tips on how to have this conversation and dialogues to use, do some role playing, and talk about what matters most to homeowners today – all in just 10 minutes!


In this episode, we discuss…

0:27 – The best dialogue to get potential sellers to take action

1:32 – The first question to ask homeowners

2:52 – Getting homeowners off the fence

4:50 – Are you doing your homework?

5:10 – Remember 2018 when rates hit 5%

5:57 – Using the net sheet to your advantage

7:20 – Role playing: Will interest rate hikes really impact us?

9:12 – A great line to demonstrate market conditions to current homeowners