Are you constantly allowing someone else’s opinion to determine your self-esteem, success and identity? Is your image constructed by what people think of you when they see you driving a specific car or having a certain title on your business card?

On today’s #MindsetMonday, I talk about erasing the addiction of permitting other people’s opinion to control your life. I talk a lot about this in my book, Life! By Design, how the need for approval has been instilled in us from the day we were born. Society has put us into a place where approval from others is highly important. Approval from others gives us a sense of high self-esteem.

I also share whose feedback to be open to and whose opinion isn’t worth your attention. Be open to feedback that will improve your business and life – not crumble and destroy it. Don’t let your identity and reality be wrapped around people’s likes, shares and opinions. Life is too short to let those people control your life and sacrifice your peace and happiness.