The power of video is all about connecting with your audience. 

In today’s episode of the Tom Ferry Podcast Experience, I talked with one of Arizona’s leading residential real estate professionals, Shannon Gillette to cover all about creating personalized listing videos that propel engagement with your followers. 

I’ve been looking forward to this conversation because I asked you over on Instagram who you wanted me to interview on the podcast and we received a massive response to have Shannon on the podcast!

Shannon has extensive market knowledge and easily translates this into her forward-thinking marketing and impressive listing videos. With more than 15 years of experience, she reveals tactics that can help any new agent, or anyone interested in stepping up their videos. 

In this episode we cover the importance of a strong work-ethic, elevating your social media marketing through video, and the things to do when growing your online presence. 

Shannon also shares the valuable lessons she learned while being a young realtor and avoiding common mistakes when starting out. 

Listen to today’s episode packed with valuable tips on how to elevate your social presence, create innovative listing videos, and propel engagement with your audience.

In this episode we talk about…

1:16 – Shannon Gillette shares her real estate beginnings and the honor that it is to help others find their home

4:29 – Shannon talks about the experiences of being a young realtor and how she demonstrated her abilities that she was the best for the job 

6:41 – Listen to Shannon share how she builds her resilience and truly knowing her why so she can help her clients 

7:08 – Discover the skills and lessons Shannon learned during her new homes for sale that she applies to the resale market 

10:11 – Shannon shares how it was amazing to sit on the sidelines and learn from what other realtors were not doing, so she could avoid those mistakes 

12:25 – Discover how Shannon used the power of video to her advantage that elevated her marketing 

14:38 – There are so many ways to generate leads, Shannon shares how her consistency has helped her with new leads through social media 

16:42 – Shannon shares her passion for social media marketing and is always teaching herself to give the best to her clients 

18:11 – Listen to how Shannon started hiring her first video producer and started her journey in video

20:10 – Shannon shares her advice for any new agent starting out and what they need to know 

21:35 – Don’t get caught up in the numbers, be consistent and share your videos with your loyal followers 

22:35 – Shannon shares the tactics of being open and attract followers that can turn into leads

26:44 – Trying to balance work and family? Shannon shares how she manages to give 

29:04 – Social media is an investment in time, quality, content, and interaction

33:09 – Do your research and look at what inspires you so you can create valuable content that connects with your audience

37:20 – Focus on modern branding and marketing 


Shannon Gillette

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