Failing in your business can show you many lessons on how to get up and do it better next time.

In today’s episode of the Tom Ferry Podcast Experience, I talked with Rockstar agent, Lisa Chinatti to talk about how she started her first real estate business, failed, and turned it around to achieve 570 transaction sales as of this year. 

As a seasoned real estate broker with more than 10 years of experience in the industry, Lisa shares key insights on growing your business and battle-tested lessons to help you scale your business the right way.

In this episode we cover important mindset shifts to overcome business hurdles, step-by-step actions to improve your leadership skills, and mistakes to avoid when hiring your real estate team. 

We also go deep on how Lisa survived and rebuilt her business after a mass walk-out early in her journey, and the necessary lessons she learned to become the Rockstar broker she is today. 

Listen to today’s conversation to learn more about improving your communication skills, the benefits of being part of a mastermind group, and how to hire the best people to grow your business. 

In this episode we talk about…

2:30 – Lisa Chinatti shares the biggest action she took to gain rocketship numbers of 8 to 80 deals in her first year

3:50 – Discover why Lisa decided to focus on having a mindset shift to gain those Rockstar numbers

5:47 – Listen to how Lisa overcame the struggle of getting out of her shell and demonstrating that she was the best agent for the job

7:10 – Lisa shares the steps she took to place herself at the forefront in the market 

9:43 – Lisa reveals how she balanced her work by hiring an assistant so she can step up to the next level

11:13 – Do you want to start a team? Lisa shares her experience of the first time in taking that big leap

17:30 – Lisa opens up about not having the plan to be a business owner and the journey of improving her leadership skills

20:57 – Discover how Lisa had to start all over and asking herself if she really wanted to start a new team 

23:04 – Listen to how Lisa started to rehire and analyze herself as a leader

27:00 – Lisa shares how she started to work smart and focusing on her superpower of hiring new agents

28:40 – Lisa talks about the hiring strategy that has been developed and improved to get the best agents onboard 

31:40 – Find out the 4 actions Lisa focused on to improve her leadership skills 

35:52 – Lisa shares her journey of improving her communication skills with her team

38:24 – Listen to a leadership mistake that Lisa had to go through and learn to grow her team and business

40:59 – Lisa walks us through the systems she and her team use for maximum productivity

46:22 – Lisa shares how she incorporates new systems with her team 

48:33 – Lisa talks about the frequency that she uses her various dashboards

51:48 – Listen to how Lisa and her team started working together for buyer agency contracts 

56:56 – Lisa shares a training mistake and how she improved it 

59:32 – Lisa talks about how her coach helps her get back on track and being able to clearly communicate her plans

1:02:02 – Lisa shares about being part of a strong mastermind group that helps her grow 

1:06:28 – Discover the big goals that Lisa has for 2021


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