Todd Herman believes there’s a hero within you. It’s just a matter of you tapping into that alter ego to bring it out and let it succeed.

His book, “The Alter-Ego Effect” takes a deep dive into this topic with the aim of helping everyone tap into their greatness and fulfill their potential.

This 45-minute interview flew by, filled with fascinating stories and revealing personal details that led Todd to this place in life. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!


In this episode, we talk about…

02:25 – Who is Todd Herman?

03:35 – What stops people from being more successful

04:40 – Todd’s big mission with his book & our one human superpower

08:07 – Why your “childlike genius” is crucial to your success

11:52 – Nothing more frustrating and confidence-killing than THIS

12:33 – Todd explains “the alter ego”

14:44 – Todd’s tragic backstory

16:09 – Converting tragedy into triumph

19:21 – The easiest route to effective visualizations

20:44 – Defining “second-hand trauma”

26:09 – How “the trusted friend” becomes an ally within

29:05 – How “the alter ego” relates to you as a salesperson

31:03 – Why “multiple-self theory” is healthy and leads to your Heroic Self

34:40 – The fascinating story behind “Enclothed Cognition”

41:03 – Life lessons from Cary Grant

43:10 – Todd reveals the “Easter Egg” from his book



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