How are you stepping up and showing up for your clients during this time?

It’s important to always remain calm during this pandemic and start implementing pivotal actions that will maintain your business during this pandemic and help you hit the ground running after the Coronavius. 

In today’s episode of the Tom Ferry Podcast Experience, I had the opportunity to talk with the CEO of Williston Financial Group, Steve Ozonian. 

Steve has many years of experience in the real estate industry, from being CEO of Coldwell Banker and, and he shared so many golden nuggets on what steps you need to be doing NOW so you can deliver the best service and information to your clients. 

Today’s market and world is about innovating and adapting to the constant changes. It’s up to you as the agent that steps up to create new ways to bring efficiency, and we cover this and more in the episode.

Steve also shares his thoughts of the market and why he thinks agents have an opportunity to step things up as we emerge from this massive disruption.

Listen to today’s episode, so you can start creating critical and positive changes to your business!

In this episode we talk about…

2:43 – Steve Ozonian shares about being CEO of Coldwell Banker and changes in the real estate industry

8:42 – Steve talks about his time with and his vast experience in the market

16:16 – Listen to why it’s important to push to have online remote notary offices

18:14 – Steve shares the biggest mistakes people are making during the pandemic

20:08 – “The real estate space has been evolutionary instead of revolutionary.”

22:30 – Is your game on and how are you showing up to the consumer? 

24:35 – It’s your responsibility to step up and clearly understand what you’re up against when you’re in a seasonal and cyclical business that once in a while has major hits 

28:03 – Steve shares the actions you NEED to act on to hit the ground running after the coronavirus pandemic

30:40 – We need to be very careful about phishing and controlling where the money goes

31:25 – It’s up to the Realtor community to get updated 

32:15 – Steve weighs in on how scary he believes this dilemma really is

33:32 – How to gain a new “degree of separation” in your business

36:03 – Creating a video “repository” with your team, lenders and other partners and vendors

42:10 – Why can’t you buy a house in 7 minutes like you can a Tesla?

44:46 – We’ve already started to move toward desktop appraisals – and other efficiencies that may result from the age of COVID

47:32 – Predicting the pandemic’s impact on the number of real estate professionals actively practicing real estate

48:52 – Why top agents view a downturn in the market as an opportunity to gain market share

51:00 – What NAR research shows buyers and sellers plan to do After-COVID

52:57 – Steve’s closing thoughts based on his years of experience in the industry

54:06 – Why Steve thinks we have an opportunity to step things up a level


Steve Ozonian

Williston Financial Group National Title Insurance Company

Coldwell Banker