Our mindset is such a powerful tool that will help us overcome obstacles or become our downfall. 

I reunited with the exceptional learning expert, Jim Kwik, a great friend and previous guest for today’s episode of the Tom Ferry Podcast Experience. 

I invited him back on the podcast to talk about mindset, an important factor that everyone needs to strengthen – especially NOW! Jim shared so many valuable steps to overcome procrastination, build our motivation and help our loved ones during this crazy time.

We also talk about strengthening our focus muscles, how to bring clarity, and giving joy to every activity we do. 

Jim also shares the origin story behind writing his first book, Limitless, and provides a sneak peek of the invaluable lessons within it. He also talks about how learning is the skill that everyone needs to have during the 21st century and how to master it!

If you know someone who has been struggling during this tumultuous time or you’re finding it hard to maintain focus while in your home, I highly recommend you listen to this episode to find the energy and purpose to be limitless! And then share it with a friend who needs to hear it, too!

In this episode we talk about…

2:38 – Jim Kwik shares the origin of writing his book, Limitless and helping with your mental learning

7:20 – Do this exercise so you can increase your skill of remembering and recalling 

14:06 – Jim talks about the human motivation and how to strengthen your focus muscle 

18:25 – Are you feeling helpless or know someone you love that is having trouble managing their mindset? 

24:57 – Jim shares the helpful steps to help bring you clarity during this hard time

32:00 – If you’re struggling with procrastination, then these tips will help you overcome it!

44:47 – Jim shares the five chapters in his book that help with accelerated learning 

47:13 – Unlimit yourself and discover how to strengthen your mindset and motivation with these 4 important tips 

52:43 – Jim shares a simple challenge that you can do right now to become limitless 


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