Show Notes:

When there’s uncertainty in the marketplace, consumers get scared. When they get scared, they fail to take action.

But here’s the catch: Despite a negative narrative in the media, there’s nothing to be scared of in today’s “normal” market.

Whenever part of the market needs explaining, I turn to one person – The Oracle, Steve Harney. The advice he shares on today’s podcast is essential listening to help consumers avoid their fears and make the best decisions for their futures. Enjoy!

In this episode, we talk about…

02:26 – Who is Steve Harney?

04:29 – Why the media narrative is primarily negative news

05:03 – Seven words that are crucial in today’s market

06:17 – 12 months later, agents got exactly what they prayed for

07:08 – Steve’s forecast for 2019 in 48 seconds

08:35 – Are you buying in to hyperbole?

11:58 – Your “moral imperative” as a real estate agent

14:57 – Tom’s viral content video marketing idea

17:42 – How to tap into and think like a consumer when creating video content

18:27 – One party idea that can attract lots of millennial buyers

19:56 – How to integrate “that look” of a first-time homeowner into your marketing

21:53 – Why Steve’s speech at Elite+ Retreat was his most passionate and tactical speech ever

25:47 – Home prices are predicted by CoreLogic to depreciate in 2019 in HOW MANY states?

27:59 – The definition of “recession” and a better word to use with consumers

29:18 – Step being a drone and don’t fall for the clickbait

33:20 – What any seller would want

36:04 – This is what we’re spinning into negative news?

38:39 – Do you have enough PTSI’s?

40:19 – Your most valuable commodity

42:00 – Why there’s nothing to be afraid of in this market

44:23 – Steve’s closing thoughts… MUST-LISTEN!

45:36 – Recommended action items from this episode


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