For some entrepreneurs scaling and growing your business might seem frightening.

In today’s episode of the Tom Ferry Podcast Experience, I share with you the 6 Ways to Grow Your Business and help you tear down any fear, doubt or trepidation that you may have in taking your business to the next level

I’ll also be honoring Jay Abraham, my mentor and the creator of these helpful strategies. I’ll walk you through the 6 ways to scale your business with the intention of gaining new clients, new revenue and new employees!

If this episode sparks the fire of ambition in you and helps you take your business in place you’ve always envisioned, then you’re ready to advance your life to the next level!

Buckle up and get ready to take one or three strategies and implement them to make your business grow!

Text me at 949-216-5466 and let me know what strategy you’ll be focusing on or which one you’re lacking in!

In this episode we talk about…

0:36 – Tom shares how Jay Abraham has helped him scale and grow his business 

3:13 – Listen to these vital statistics that concern you as an entrepreneur

6:54 – Do you know these 6 important rules that will help you grow your business?

9:45 – Increasing the number of clients is one way to drive your business to the next level

12:28 – Tom talks about how you can increase the transaction value 

14:03 – Are you finding ways to increase the frequency of your customers purchasing your services or products?

19:05 – These 3 advanced strategies will help you penetrate a new market

22:20 – Every 12-18 months you should be introducing a new product or service to your customer

26:16 – This last strategy is advanced but your business will reap the benefits of doing it

32:13 – What already works in your business? 

38:54 – Listen to discover how many ways you can generate a client

47:30 – Discover helpful tips to increase your business 

48:00 – Are you stuck on how to increase the front or back of your business? Listen in!

56:20 – You should be asking yourself how you can increase the frequency of your customer’s purchase 

57:10 – Tom goes further on how you can penetrate a new market

58:20 – How are you introducing new products or services?

58:56 – Find out how you can purchase your competitor’s business every 12 – 18 months

1:00:00 – Which type of entrepreneur are you?


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