Show Notes:

This is an extremely rare opportunity for you to create your degree of separation and strengthen your business and marketing strategies.

The Strategy of Preeminence is the elusive quality desired by every business and entrepreneur. It is also everything that Jay Abraham, the world’s top business and marketing strategist, stands for.

Knowing and working with Jay Abraham has its privileges. After our last episode, I asked Jay to come back into the podcast studio and explain The Strategy of Preeminence directly to you, the listener. During this recording, I got out of the way and just let him speak into the mic.

If you want to be the leader in your industry and dominate the competition, then this episode is for you.

Here for the first time in nearly 15 years, is Jay’s entire training for The Strategy of Preeminence. This is definitely an episode you’ll want to download, save and re-listen to regularly.

In this episode, we talk about…

00:42 – What this episode is all about

01:29 – Origin story of The Strategy of Preeminence

02:07 – Why you should want “preeminence”

03:18 – The basis on which you interact with every human being

04:18 – THIS is the first element in becoming preeminent

05:05 – Getting inside the hopes and dreams of your prospect

05:19 – Are you playing a superficial or authentic game?

05:36 – Every one of us are scared little kids trying to get through life

06:19 – The importance of conveying a shared feeling with your prospect

07:03 – The enormous difference between giving information and giving advice

07:46 – One of the most underutilized, overlooked and powerful phrases you can use

08:19 – Your goal in being preeminent

10:10 – You are always functioning as a leader in your prospect’s mind

11:58 – One of the greatest and most overlooked powers you can possess

12:51 – The School of Business, explained

14:38 – How to own a prospect’s mindshare at a deeper level than any of your competitors

14:59 – The “You” Attitude

16:06 – The case for bringing people in sequentially

16:46 – A driving lifeblood of achieving preeminence

17:31 – Transactional vs. Transformative

19:01 – Your moral obligation, responsibility and privilege…

20:40 – How to be seen as “The Most Trusted Advisor for Life”

23:33 – Are you making this mistake when you call people on the phone?

25:54 – The difference between a “customer” and a “client”

27:32 – How to ensure your message has value

29:34 – Provide reassurance and motivation to use your resources

31:26 – These are the two things you actually get rewarded for

33:10 – The more certain you are, the more decisive you are

33:58 – In every interaction you have, ask yourself this question…

35:59 – Have you fallen in love with the wrong thing?

36:59 – Other categories of “clients” you might’ve overlooked

37:41 – It’s not what you say to “sell” them; It’s THIS instead…

40:07 – Overlooked nuances about The Strategy of Preeminence

40:24 – Use future pacing to paint a vivid vision for people

41:23 – Put things in terms people can understand


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