Have you’ve been getting the itch of breaking into luxury real estate?

Well you’re in luck my friend, because on today’s episode of the Tom Ferry Podcast Experience, I talk with luxury real estate agent, Steven Cohen about business lessons and finding your niche in this sought-after market. 

Steven Cohen has been working in the New York luxury real estate market for the past 19 years and he shares the vast experience and journey. 

From working in different sectors from radio advertising to international non-profit, and now real estate, Steven has always seen one common and vital element in all… deep relationships.

Because at the end of the day, you’re dealing with people who are looking for their next home or selling it to move up.

 In this episode, Steven and I talk about being open to taking on new paths, teamwork, and allowing people to create their own path – without you. 

Get ready to learn what you need to take your career to the next level in luxury real estate by listening to this episode! 

In this episode we talk about…

1:23 – Steven Cohen shares about his past experience in sales before working in luxury real estate

4:44 – Listen to Steve talk about what was scary to him about working in other countries 

6:21 – Discover how Steve decided to work in luxury real estate in New York City

9:30 – Steve talks about what prompted him to hire a coach

11:49 – Find out how accountability made the difference in Steve’s business 

12:49 – Are you interested in working in luxury real estate? Listen to what Steve recommends

14:11 – Steve shares about his team and the roles they’re responsible for so the business can thrive

16:53 – People will leave to do their thing. Listen to Steve reveal about a team member start his own path without him

19:10 – Listen to the importance of having a team leader and going to seminars together

21:20 – Steve reveals the systems that have worked for his business and team 

28:22 – What do you do when you don’t get a listing? Listen to what Steve does 

29:47 – Find out how Steve’s team do their listing launches 

30:54 – Steve talks about the growth his business has experienced in the past years 

32:52 – Listen up! Steve shares what his team does for their marketing strategy 

37:44 – Steve shares how long it took him to find the correct person to handle their marketing

39:43 – Discover how Steve’s mindset has given him the biggest lesson in his career

41:49 – Do you struggle with discipline and consistency? Listen to how Steve works to improve these pain points

43:20 – Steve shares his advice to luxury real estate agents who want to reach the next level in their career 

46:07 – Discover the biggest takeaway that Steve has taken from coaching 

48:07 – Do you want to work in luxury real estate? Listen to Steve’s important advice


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