Life is going to throw many obstacles in your way. 

Chris Radomski, co-founder of Duke Spirits, has encountered his own share of harsh life blows along his journey.

On today’s episode of the Tom Ferry Podcast Experience, Chris and I sit down in his beautiful home to talk about being uber-resourceful and how he found different ways to stay afloat after not being able to get hired after graduating with numerous degrees and passing the bar.

We get real and raw about going through the big let downs that life throws at you and how all great things do take time to cultivate, arrive and thrive. 

Chris also shares how he started his entrepreneurial journey in the wine business with a handshake. He also goes over how he works to check off all the authenticity boxes with Hundred Acre Wine Group and Duke Spirits.

We also duke it out and talk about the history behind Duke Spirits, John Wayne’s bourbon whiskey.

I highly recommend listening to this episode if you’ve been experiencing some ups and downs in your path, looking for new ways to improve your brand story or maybe just a fan of a good bourbon whiskey, then tune in!

In this episode we talk about…

2:31 – Chris Radomski talks about his life in Canada, having a bio-chemistry and law background before starting the spirits industry

4:40 – Listen to Chris share about struggling to find a job after graduating from school and going into sales

8:15 – “I still wanted to have an office. I wanted to put a jacket on. I still had it in me that I wanted that. I wanted to be in an office building.” 

10:25 – Discover how Chris coped after being hired by accident 

12:13 – Chris shares how he developed his client list while cold calling in his room at his parent’s house

15:52 – Find out how Chris and Jayson Woodbridge formed Hundred Acre Wine Group through a handshake 

20:19 – Chris reveals how Jayson and Chris dealt through a pecking order in Napa Valley

22:32 – Find out how it takes years to see the first dollar in the spirits business 

25:37 – How long does it take to be successful in your business? Find out Chris’ answer!

27:29 – Are you an entrepreneur starting your business? You’ll want to hear Chris’ advice

31:12 – Chris shares the story behind Duke Spirits and how good things take time to grow

36:31 – Are you making this mistake? Listen to find out!

40:22 – Find out the lessons learned that Chris takes into account with Duke Spirits 

44:27 – Are you absorbing new insights?

46:32 – Listen to Chris’ golden business advice


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John Wayne Cancer Foundation

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