Show Notes:

Being raised by a single mother, Andy Dane Carter realized at a young age he needed to become the man of the house. His entrepreneurial streak eventually led him into real estate investing, which is how I got to know him.

On today’s show, he shares his fascinating life’s story as well as his insights into the investor space – including a belief I share that far too many agents are missing out on investment opportunities they should be purchasing themselves instead of being content with earning a commission on a sale.

He also discusses his personal journey of growing tired with corporate America, deciding to get healthy and creating the life he always desired – even if his introduction to real estate took place at the worst time possible.

In this episode, we talk about…

0:45 – Introduction to Andy and  his background

4:30 – Start of Real Estate Investing

6:51 – Transition from Flipping to Real Estate Development

13:00 – How a growth mindset plays a role in growing up

19:09 – The importance of mentors and finding someone’s potential

19:41 – Morning routine and doing the work

22:57 – Dwayne Johnson’s “t greatest thing I never did”

25:29 – The negative narrative about the real estate market

28:21 – The impact of getting educated and informing people on real estate

30:08 – NAR comments and real estate agents stats in the USA

32:01 – Digital farming with social media and establishing trust online

36:26 – Save money and spend money wisely

38:39 – Parenting tips

43:07 – The role that suffering and hard work play for for growth

43:39 – Comments on “Participation trophies”

45:12 – The education system in America

51:22 – Being a Sommelier and drinking alcohol

53:09 – Andy’s book “100 Doors”

57:02 – “But I can’t buy real estate” objections

58:07 – Andy’s buy box recommendation

59:21 – What is a gross rent multiplier?

1:00:23 – Real estate investing for realtors

1:04:05 – Final piece of advice


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