If you haven’t noticed, I’m telling you now – we’re living in a state of Economic Darwinism.

Which means if you’re not adapting to the constant change that the real estate market is experiencing, then you’re going to see your business go down the drain

In today’s episode of the Tom Ferry Podcast Experience, I’m sharing a crucial moment of this year’s Success Summit

I also bring back the 8 Ways to Become Undisruptable so you can easily build your castle when the shift starts getting stronger. 

Don’t forget that winter is coming and this is YOUR business! You should definitely care about where it goes! 

When you’ve finished listening to this episode, take some time to analyze how you’re doing in these eight strategies and where you need to re-commit.

In this episode we talk about…

0:47 – Don’t get lost in the drama! Adapt to the change, become relevant with video and you’ll survive!

2:58 – This shift in business is an opportunity for you to take over the market

4:22 – How do you generate maximum results while strategically preparing for what’s to come in the next 18 months? WRITE YOUR ANSWERS!

6:46 – Build your castle because everyone you care for and your clients are in it!

12:40 – I share the 8 Ways to Become Undisruptable 

13:40 – Are you stockpiling cash? Stop spending your money on dumb shit!

16:23 – Don’t forget that your business is a math equation

20:40 – We’re living in the industrialization of real estate and you have to update your skills

22:55 – Don’t waste more time and build a marketing Parthenon

23:06 – You have to position yourself as the agent of trust 

23:44 – Up your game in experience so you can be the agent of choice

24:58 – Remember that a team will always outperform an individual agent 


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Winter is Coming

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