With all the disruptors that are coming in the real estate sector, are you feeling like you can’t see yourself working in the next few years?

I want you to take a deep breath and share with you that these disruptors are actually fantastic news!

On today’s episode of the Tom Ferry Podcast Experience, I talk with co-founder and CEO of Agentology, David Tal. 

David shares with me how Agentology helps agents by following up and nurturing on leads so they can close their deals when they’re warm and ready!

He also talks about the lessons learned of having to hire the best people for his team on the right time. Plus he spills his best text scripts to follow up with leads – without sounding like a bot!

We also discuss the future of agents, brokerages and the real estate sector with Amazon and Realogy’s new partnership.

Are you going to permit these disruptors eradicate you before you demonstrate to your clients why you’re the best option?

Listen now!

In this episode we talk about…

1:43 – David Tal shares his university and film experience before working in real estate 

2:55 – David talks about how he started working in the real estate sector right before the collapse of Lehman Brothers 

4:04 – Listen to how David marketed himself to be the best agent by creating The Official Downtown Newsletter in San Diego

5:25 – David confesses he was a terrible broker and shares how he needed the Speed to Lead with his team

7:47 – Discover how David and his brother, Avi, teamed up to help thousands of people avoid foreclosure 

10:32 – David explains how he was differentiating himself from other lead generator companies

12:09 – Find out how David and his brothers became the mediator between leads and agents

14:32 – David talks about how Avi started saving time for agents by generating and creating warm lead opportunities. 

16:25 – “I didn’t want to be stuck in any lab, I want to go out and create new things.” 

17:48 – David shares the biggest hiring mistakes he’s made to make a successful team 

20:05 – When is the right time to hire the next big person on your team? David reveals the answer!

21:09 – Who’s in charge of making sure you’re getting the right opportunities to your sales people and closing those deals? David breaks down all this and more! 

24:08 – David gives his take on the Amazon and Realogy partnership 

26:40 – Are you more in touch with your customers? David shares how this helps you differentiate yourself from the disruptors 

28:43 – Do you actually engage with everyone in your database?

30:53 – David is a fan of innovation and progress even if it will “disrupt” his Agentology and the real estate sector

32:24 – Are you curious about Agentology? David talks about helping out real estate teams and professionals engage, qualify and nurture their leads

34:05 – Want to reach your leads through text? David shares his best lead text scripts that will attract your consumers 

38:39 – “Humans alone are inefficient, technology alone is inauthentic and we want to bridge the two.”

39:12 – Find out how Agentology updates and improves their skills to be the best in lead generation

40:47 – “Save time and focus on the customers that are going to transact.”

43:11 – David gives his opinion on the future of transactions in the real estate sector 

44:43 – Listen to David’s tips on how to demonstrate your value to clients 

47:09 – Do you have a brokerage? Discover what David suggests for your brokerage to thrive in this current age 


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