If you’ve been following me for a while, you know I love to bring Rockstar agents on the podcast so they can share their business-boosting strategies so you can R&D them!

On today’s Tom Ferry Podcast Experience episode, I continue this tradition with superstar agents, Treasure Davis from Colorado Springs with 14 years of experience and has done over 100 transactions while Kirk Kessel from Melbourne, FL, who has over 30 years of experience and talks about the strategies that they’re applying to move their business to the next level.

Treasure and Kirk both share how they found their passion of working in real estate, the techniques they use in their listing presentations, and how they hire the correct people for their team.

We also cover the future of the iBuyer, making videos that speak to their community and the best marketing strategies for MEGA OPEN HOUSES! If you’ve been an agent that has been thinking of getting a team – then this episode is for you!

So, are you going to leave your business in the past or elevate it to the future? 

Discover how by listening to this insightful episode!

In this episode we talk about…

1:29 – Learn who is Treasure Davis, her career before real estate, and following her passion of being an entrepreneur

4:14 – Treasure compares her transactions of her first and current year

5:38 – Listen to Kirk Kessel’s experience of working in real estate for the past 37 years 

6:56 – Kirk shares the biggest highlights of his real estate career 

8:31 – Discover how Kirk got back to working in real estate in 2008

10:02 – Can solo agents survive in the future of real estate? Treasure talks about her season of growth of finding her niche, failing forward, and hiring the correct team

14:16 – How does the Amazon-Realogy partnership affect real estate agents? Kirk and Treasure give their opinions about Amazon and Realogy partnership 

17:20 – Treasure gives her insight of what may happen to Realtors’ commission after the Amazon and Realogy partnership 

19:22 – Consumers are demanding efficiency, listen to how your real estate team can cover that demand

20:51 – Are referral programs and iBuyer programs taking over? Kirk gives his advice on how to win against the iBuyer movement 

22:11 – Treasure talks about her experience of working successfully in the iBuyer program

24:17 – Kirk and Treasure talk about where they see the iBuyers in 10 years

26:47 – Feeling squeezed out? Listen to some helpful advice from Kirk and Treasure so you can stand out

29:24 – Are you finding out who are the investor clients? Find out how Kirk and Treasure work with their investor clients 

32:24 – Treasure shares the strategies that work for her business 

34:47 – Kirk discusses why the MEGA OPEN HOUSE is his best marketing strategy for his business

36:00 – Listen to how geo farming works for Kirk and what he does to brand his business 

37:55 – Discover how Treasure’s authenticity and love for her community attracts more leads

40:41 – Is real estate your passion? Kirk and Treasure share why they’re so passionate about working in real estate

41:39 – Become a celebrity by doing video and find out how you can find your brand voice through your videos

45:45 – Kirk talks about his weekly and informative video show and how he markets it

49:44 – You don’t need a professional videographer to do videos! 

53:24 – Are you for or against referral fees? Kirk and Treasure give their opinions and how to grow leads

1:00:57 – Teams are the FUTURE. Are you part of a team?

1:03:53 – Treasure talks about what she does for her pre-listing package, doing videos and client reviews

1:07:50 – Kirk shares his appointment goal and what he does so clients hire his services

1:12:31 – Treasure shares her 3 strategies on how she works with sellers 

1:15:11 – As a real estate agent, you have to be self-aware, humble, and kind

1:15:53 – How do you react to commission objections? 

1:18:11 – Treasure Davis shares her accident prior to her TomX breakout

1:19:52 – Not every client will choose you first, find out how Treasure and Kirk work with clients that come back to work with them

1:23:20 –  Do you have the self-awareness to read the person who makes the decision? 

1:25:50 – Treasure shares how she works on price adjustments

1:28:07 – You HAVE to meet with sellers! Listen to Kirk’s tips on how to work with them

1:28:53 – Tom shares Randy Ora’s 5 bananas listing presentation 

1:32:43 – Know your customer and decide how you’ll do your listing presentation

1:33:54 – Kirk and Treasure share their highlight of being coached

1:36:07 – Contact Treasure and Kirk for referrals or questions!


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