Are you looking for different strategies that can help you become a better agent and further your business?

Then check out today’s Tom Ferry Podcast Experience episode, where I talk with master trainer, coach and speaker of Sales Edge, Bill Pipes! 

This episode was a blast! It was the first time that Bill guest starred in my podcast and we got the chance to reminisce about our long friendship and how we’ve evolved over the years!

Bill shares how he succeeded with his strategic prospecting model and how he reframes his mindset. He also provides insightful skills and helpful advice on how to overcome any plateau you might be stuck in. 

If you’ve had the opportunity to attend Sales Edge, you know that Bill is the best coach that can help you increase your confidence and presentation skills. We cover this and how to connect with your clients, plus so much more! 

Are you ready to improve your sales, and your ability to connect with clients…to truly master your business? Tune in and discover all the strategies Bill provides for you to be the best salesperson and business leader of your area!

In this episode we talk about…

1:14 – Bill Pipes shares how he reevaluated what he wanted to teach when meeting Tom

2:35 – Bill talks about his childhood, his move to southern California and his beginnings in real estate coaching 

5:02 – Are you a student of sales? If not then dive straight into it and further your business!

5:36 – Find out how Bill grew his sales team with a strategic prospecting model 

8:57 – Did you know that back in the day Craiglist dominated the lead generation market? 

9:14 – Bill shares how he worked with a successful lead generation strategy 

10:50 – If you’re an entrepreneur, then you have to listen to Bill’s insightful advice!

12:53 – Bill shares how he and his wife, Marci worked together to grow their company 

14:54 – You don’t have to do everything on your own. Discover how Bill relied on receiving help from his wife and team 

16:40 – Tom and Bill share their experience as absentee owners of their companies 

19:41 – Bill talks about the skills and mindset that make salespeople succeed 

22:11 – Are you interested in going to Sales Edge? Find out what you can learn and implement to your business 

23:23 – Are you tracking your wins? What are the three wins that you accomplished today? 

24:47 – Are you stuck on a plateau? Bill gives insightful advice to be inspired and reach the next level

31:04 – Bill talks about his life-changing dinner with Tom and Darren Hardy 

35:35 – Tom shares the moment he met Arnold Schwarzenegger 

36:49 – Are you willing to take the lessons that life is willing to give you in your minor or major breakdowns?

37:51 – Listen to the lessons Bill learned from Chris Voss

40:21 – Discover the questions Bill asks himself for every relationship, lead and person he encounters that helps him reframe his mindset

42:17 – Bill and Tom go old school sales to help you reach your goal 

44:44 – Body communication will make or break your sales! 

46:05 – Bill and Tom define versatility in sales people and how you can connect with different clients in a deep and meaningful level 

51:16 – Do you know the key as to why you want to help your clients? 

52:40 – Check out Bill’s sales books recommendations

53:17 – “Don’t be interesting, start being interested”

53:54 – Tom shares the time he played Dance Dance Revolution with Berry Gordy 

56:46 – Do you want more compelling sales books recommendations? Read these books ASAP! 

58:55 – Discover what you can learn with Bill in Sales Edge and how you can shift your confidence

1:00:44 – Do you make this mistake in sales? Tune in to find out!


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