Do you come across successful agents who make you wonder how they’re able to hire a Rockstar team, what key components they focus on to make their business successful, and how they balance their work and personal life?

Well, you’re in luck!

On today’s Tom Ferry Podcast Experience, we’re taking a trip down memory lane. Four extraordinary team leaders are sharing all their tips, secrets and strategies that have helped them drive their business to the next level.

I got into the head of four Rockstar agents – Jill Biggs from New Jersey, Tim Smith from Newport Beach, California, Josh Rubin from NYC and Kyle Whissel from San Diego.

Between the four of them, they have grossed 32 million dollars in commission income and they share all their insights and answer vital questions to help you boost your business and life! 

This amazing talk is from last year’s Success Summit. If you’re looking to make important and positive changes to your business, then I highly recommend you listen and take some notes! 

In this episode we talk about…

2:09 – Jill Biggs shares her story of creating a breakthrough in real estate

5:16 – Jill talks about the steps she implemented to her work that elevated her life and career

6:15 – Listen up! Jill speaks about the mistakes and pitfalls she made so you can avoid them

7:25 – Do you know your cost per transaction? Jill shares how she changed her structure to figure it out 

8:58 – Find out why it’s better to have a small team that is doing more than a big real estate team.

10:11 – Kyle Whissel shares his family real estate history and how he began his own career in the industry 

12:28 – Kyle talks about creating his own real estate path and his green, yellow and red light work strategy 

15:21 – Do you roleplay your listing presentation at least once a week?

16:05 – Josh Rubin shares his real estate history and the recession – including his deepest, darkest day 

18:55 – Josh talks about how he started to delegate responsibilities to his team

20:31 – Josh shares the key component to his successful real estate business

23:57 – Find out about the evolution of Josh’s real estate team

25:49 – Tim Smith talks about the BIG shift he made in 2008

28:00 – What do you WANT in a team? Answer Tim’s question so you can have a clear focus on who to hire to further your business

34:31 – Jill goes deeper and explains how she learned her cost per transaction so you can incorporate it to your work

36:45 – Kyle shares how he hired his team by focusing on his company culture

38:15 – Tim reminds you to FOCUS on your business and map out your schedule 

39:41 – Josh advises how to hire the best assistant so you can succeed in your business 

42:20 – Tim shares what he had to change in his personal life to be the best real estate agent

44:18 – Kyle explains his three important morning routines to improve his personal and work life 


Jill Biggs

Coldwell Banker

Kyle Whissel

Josh Rubin



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