Are you ready to crush the competition?

If you’re a real estate agent who has been in the industry for less than 5 years, I highly recommend you listen to today’s Tom Ferry Podcast Experience episode. 

Four extraordinary and game-changing agents share all their tips, hacks and advice on how they’ve made their real estate journey successful.

This panel is from last year’s Success Summit, where Phil Gerdes, Mark Hiller, Allie Vasquez, and Patrick Ferry go “all in” on what they did to cement their place as successful agents.

They also cover the mistakes to avoid, how to boost your video marketing and tactics to generate more leads, plus so much more!

Discover how all these agents made their own breakthrough in the industry! Get ready to R&D so you can make your own place among these great agents!

In this episode we talk about…

1:27 – Have you been working less than 5 years in the industry? Meet 4 extraordinary new agents who crushed their competition

3:27 – Phil Gerdes gives you his winning tactics for going after the most important lead sources 

6:21 – Mark Hiller shares how he went after his most important leads through Zillow 

8:19 – A former teacher, Allie Vasquez talks about how her past students is her best lead source 

10:43 – Patrick Ferry shares how he uses open houses to generate tons of leads 

14:00 – Phil provides his game-changing tactics towards listing withdrawals and expireds

15:31 – Phil roleplays with Patrick to demonstrate how you can list an expired 

18:29 – Find out how Mark receives his Zillow reviews and generates more leads

20:14 – Discover how Allie boosted her video marketing with a Valentine’s Day video

22:34 – How Allie is creating a huge opportunity by working with underrepresented Spanish-speaking clients

23:40 – Follow Patrick’s social media tactics to help build your real estate business and brand

29:07 – If you’re a new agent, listen to Patrick’s mistakes so you can avoid them 

30:20 – Mark shares his mistakes in real estate so you don’t make them 

31:08 – Phil reminds you why you’re HUSTLING

32:47 – Don’t be a Doug or a Barbara, follow Allie’s advice to ALWAYS BE YOURSELF 

34:48 – How do you overcome objection handling? Find out the answer! 


Phil Gerdes

Mark Hiller

Allie Vasquez

Patrick Ferry


Allie’s Valentine’s Day video

Tiffani Bova