How does real estate’s top player spend his time? What are the routines, systems, mindset, and skills that allowed him to achieve overwhelming success? 

I’ve known Gino Blefari since I was 19 years old. He’s been my personal client for decades, and in that time he’s risen to become real estate’s top player, the CEO of Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices of America. When analyzing Gino’s success, we’re not looking at what he started doing differently, but what he did persistently year-over-year his entire career. 

In this episode of the Tom Ferry Podcast Experience, Gino shares with me some of the greatest knowledge you can get on a podcast – the routines and systems of certain success. This is the full playbook of real estate’s top player, so I’d listen to this one until you have it memorized.

In this episode we discuss…

0:00 – About Gino

7:50 – Gino’s routines

14:00 – Constantly improving

19:35 – How would Gino build today

21:55 – Team’s today

26:00 – Gino’s system

31:00 – Scoreboards 

36:15 – Stats that matter