Why is it important to look at the U.K. vs. U.S. real estate markets and how they work?

For starters, it shows us how things are changing across the world and the trends to watch out for.

But more importantly, when we look at the agents who are succeeding in U.K. and  U.S. real estate, we see how to achieve success anywhere, regardless of regulations, customs, and cultural differences.

In this episode of the Tom Ferry Podcast Experience, I have Matt Nicols from the U.K. and Kirk Kessel of the U.S., both legends of their real estate markets. We’re discussing the U.K. vs. U.S. real estate markets, how they work, and the path to success in each.

No matter what country you live in, you’ll learn the trends to look out for and what it takes to scale your business. Watch or listen, right here.