Real estate gifting is not just something you do as a courtesy. It’s an art that can completely transform your business and spread your name further than you can imagine.

That’s what happened to Jay O’Brien when he got serious about the art of real estate gifting. He realized that although his reviews were all good, nothing about them stood out from the sea of sameness. It was only when he dove into gifting that his business exploded.

Gifting showed such powerful results that he teamed up with Jeff Jackel to form a company that is now the No. 1 name in real estate gifting – Client Giant.

In this episode of the podcast, I talk with Jay and Jeff about their top dos and don’ts and how to use the art of real estate gifting to generate referrals.

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In this episode, we discuss…

0:00 – How Jay and Jeff approach gifting

8:12 – The effects of great gifting

11:30 – Biggest mistakes in real estate gifting

17:30 – When you’re strapped for cash

21:08 – Five things you can do for free

26:30 – A better client intake form

33:15 – Making kindness authentic

37:15 – Starting a business