Your 2024 real estate success will ultimately depend on the strategies you implement, the actions you take, and the habits you maintain. And for those, it’s always best to turn to a coach.

One of my favorite ways to close out the year is by having my brother, coach Patrick Ferry on the podcast to share his action steps for success. On this episode, Patrick and I are talking about creating mental toughness, listing attraction at scale, discovering your Total Addressable Market, and just about everything else required for your 2024 real estate success.

There’s a long waitlist to get on Patrick’s schedule (the guy is in hot demand) but consider this a free coaching session with both of us. Watch or listen now and lock in your 2024 real estate success.

In this episode, we discuss…

0:00 – About Patrick

3:42 – Mental toughness

10:45 – Goal setting essentials

14:30 – Listing attraction at scale

20:40 – Find your automatic shot

26:00 – A strategy that WORKS

27:30 – Monkey-first thinking

33:33 – Finding your TAM

39:38 – Closing thoughts