Having a successful partnership in business is rare – just like discovering a pot of gold and it’s even more rare to see it thrive for many years.

On today’s Tom Ferry Podcast Experience, my two guests are the dream team of business relationships, Marty Rodriguez and Norma Morales.

Marty Rodriguez is the most successful real estate agent in the history of the CENTURY 21 and has been selling homes for the past 41 years. Meanwhile Norma is a Rockstar coach and veteran mortgage broker who closes hundreds of loans every year! 

Norma and Marty discuss the importance of having the correct business partner that results in a better client experience and helps in creating more seamless lead generation

They also share advice on effective strategies that will improve your lender, agent and client relationship – and things to avoid. 

Build a great working partnership by taking the time to listen to this episode and share it with your lenders or vice versa!

In this episode we talk about…

2:07 – Discover who is Norma Morales 

3:10 – Get to know the legendary Marty Rodriguez and how she evolved in the real estate industry

4:34 – Learn how Shelly Dow, Marty’s daughter, helps organize Century 21 so Marty can focus on being the best listing agent of her area

5:58 – Eyes on the prize! Norma shares how she never gave up on meeting, connecting and being mentored by Marty.

9:37 – Marty discusses the difference between the lenders that prove they’re the best and the ones that don’t show up

10:39 – “Some people click, and some people don’t and it’s okay.”

12:01 – How Marty helped Norma get her million dollar smile and become confident enough to accept advice

13:20 – As a lender or real estate agent, are you immersing yourself in your business? 

14:17 – “Even if you don’t know the guidelines, it’s important to just know where to go.”

15:15 – Being consistent in wanting to learn and grow will be your ONE chance to have your break

16:14 – Communication is the key to a successful real estate and lender relationship 

17:46 – Marty and Norma share the secrets on how to build a great professional relationship 

20:10 – Learn how to have the opportunity to work with Marty – the most successful real estate agent in the history of the CENTURY 21

21:38 – Do you have the right team that will deliver any day of the week?

22:28 – Know what’s the main factor that crumbles a professional relationship

23:32 – Learn the effective strategies that will improve your lender, agent and client relationship

24:37 – Incorporate these lead follow-up guidelines that will improve your business!

25:00 – Are you using this lead platform? If not, check it out! 

26:18 – Marty shares tips on how she ends an unsuccessful business relationship 

 27:30 – Learn why Marty and Norma don’t buy leads

 29:42 – It’s okay to work with other agents and lenders

 31:27 – Marty and Norma share helpful advice for creating and keeping trust in a professional relationship 

 32:42 – Discover how to produce the right expectations with a high-demanding agent

 34:29 – Avoid these BIGGEST mistakes that break an agent and lender relationship 

 35:10 – Incorporate these elements to keep your professional relationship fresh

 36:15 – Norma and Marty share their powerful working process that helps them succeed 

 40:00 – Marty shares her listing goal per month and how her listing presentation has evolved 

 41:50 – Calling all loan officers! Do you do these 3 vital things when working with buyers?

 43:05 – Norma discusses how the mortgage presentation has changed over the years

 45:00 – Marty shares advice on how to be successful in the real estate business 

 45:37 – Listen to Norma’s advice on being the best lender 


Norma Morales

Marty Rodriguez

Maxine Gellens

Shelley Dow

USC Marshall School of Business