It doesn’t matter how much you make…. Breaking poor money habits and building healthy ones is the only thing that will get you the financial freedom you want.

Money is hard to talk (or even think) about for a lot of people. It’s complicated and uncomfortable, and our spending habits often stem from our earliest experiences. But if you want to conquer any debt you may have and start saving MASSIVE amounts of money, it starts with breaking poor money habits and replacing them with wise ones.

In this episode of the Tom Ferry Podcast Experience, I’m talking with Valerie Upham and coach Emily Terrell, both of whom know the stress and hardship that come from massive debt. They’ll explain what it takes to break poor money habits and transform your financial future. Valerie will even take you through her journey of going from a mountain of debt to $400k in savings.

As you’ll learn, there’s hardly a point in making more money until you’re capable of spending, saving, and managing your money in the right way – so watch or listen here to learn how.

In this episode, we discuss…

0:00 – About Valerie & Emily

3:18 – Early money experiences

6:38 – The moment of financial realization

8:55 – The power of focus

10:08 – The adjustments necessary

12:52 – Stress changes confidence

15:20 – Necessary changes

17:40 – Evaluating finances

20:00 – Lead gen and personalization

22:28 – Getting serious about money

29:40 – 115 days

30:50 – First steps to eliminating debt