What are the most common real estate questions that agents ask me and my coaches?

The most common real estate questions change every year. A large part of my job as a coach is to answer questions, so I’ve gotten into the habit of writing down every question that anyone asks me, whether it’s about the market, client interactions, today’s best marketing strategies, Ai, or anything else.

After a while, I take this list of a thousand or so questions, study it, and then synthesize it down to what people are REALLY asking. It turns out that when I boil it down, there are only really seven most common real estate questions that agents are asking.

In this clip from the recent Success Summit, I’m not only going to tell you what they are, but I’ll give you my answers to all seven of them. This is something special I felt that every agent needed to hear, so be sure to watch or listen.

In this episode, I discuss…

0:00 – Why are you doing this?

6:30 – The real demand today

12:00 — $97 billion

17:44 – The most common real estate questions

23:00 – Getting the fire back

36:50 – The 5 most important questions

41:50 – If you knew you couldn’t fail…

44:35 – The life cycle of your business

47:50 – 80% of your time…

53:00 – Tom.Ai

58:30 – Your Ai strategy

1:08:50 – How do you position your brand to win?

1:14:25 – What’s your next move?