As a real estate agent, getting signed contracts is the goal. Producing lots and lots of video content is the way to do it.

That’s right… Content is the key to getting signed contracts at a larger scale – not just a way of gaining popularity. To prove it, I have two Rockstar content creators, Jen Dillard and Chris Kwon, who will show you their video content strategies for attracting and closing more and more clients, even as nationwide transactions have slowed down.

If Jen and Chris don’t inspire you to quit resisting and start producing video, then I don’t know what do to for you. But if you want to know the strategies that work, watch or listen right here.

In this episode, we discuss…

0:00 – About Chris & Jen

1:55 – Starting off making content

6:55 – Social video strategy

12:45 – Your content creation formula

15:50 – Cadence

18:57 – ChatGPT prompts

21:18 – Video Ai

25:14 – Closing thoughts