I don’t know about you, but it’s a thrilling time to be working in real estate! We are living in an abundant world filled with tools and technology that help professionals boost their business success

On today’s Tom Ferry Podcast Experience my guest is Andrew Flachner, co-founder and president of RealScout.

I’m really excited to share his insights because a lot of very influential people in real estate, especially CEO’s that I’m working with, are currently turning their attention towards his views on the real estate marketplace.

We discuss the two most important superpowers you must unlock to establish dominance in your market and to achieve compounding growth

In this episode we talk about…

1:21 – Andrew Flachner’s beginnings in real estate

2:58 – Andrew shares how he started RealScout and how they are improving the real estate experience for brokers and agents

6:53 – Companies that establish dominance and achieve compounding growth usually do so by unlocking two critical superpowers

8:24 – How Airbnb grew their market share and elevated their growth

9:15 – Why Google Assistant is more effective than Alexa or Siri

10:30 – How Uber utilizes these two superpowers to dominate the ride-share market

11:28 – How these superpowers apply to real estate industry

12:20 – The role real estate agents play in making the market

16:55 – LISTEN UP! Andrew explains why real estate agents should belong in a network to succeed in the market

18:51 – It’s an exciting time to be working as an agent because of today’s real estate technology

21:02 – The real value of big data and machine learning technology for real estate professionals who want to stand out from the competition

27:00 – The advantage of a Buyer Graph 

29:10 – How real estate brokers and agents can leverage data

31:18 – How to increase the lead conversion in the middle of the funnel



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Top Agent Network

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