What’s the difference between the best real estate agents in the world and the rest of the real estate agents in the world?

Is it how much money they make and the influence they hold over their communities?Well, that’s part of it… But before any of that, there are eight things that the best real estate agents in the world all have in common which got them to where they are now.

For this week’s podcast, I want to share with you a clip from last year’s Success Summit where I take the audience through these eight traits so they can begin to develop them too. Because if success leaves, clues, then why would you not follow them? And if you’re seriously interested in following the trail of success, you don’t want to miss our 20th-anniversary Summit happening this August in Dallas!

Watch or listen right here, then leave a comment telling me which of these traits you need to work on developing.

In this episode, I discuss…

0:00 – Traits of the best real estate agent in the world

1:12 – Freakishly competitive

4:45 – Need for new

7:54 – Seek correlations

12:10 – Trade money for time

15:11 – Community + Trifecta

21:50 – The most powerful fundamental

24:40 – Choose your hard