As an agent, the most important thing that you can learn right now is how to get more listings. Everything else comes second.

Then the question is, how do you learn that?

The answer: you learn from the best agents in the business, those agents who are listing hundreds of homes every year. On this episode of the Tom Ferry Podcast Experience, I’m talking with powerhouse team leaders Jill Biggs (600 listings a year) and Jamie McMartin (500 listings this year) about their top strategies for attracting sellers which work over and over again.

These are strategies who work for anyone, whether you’re running a team or working as a solo agent.

If you’re a new agent or even a pro who is looking to reignite your fire, these two Rockstars are going to show you how to get more listings like the best in the business do.

You may want to watch or listen to this one a few times!

In this episode, we discuss…

0:00 – About Jill and Jamie

2:22 – Where their listings come from

5:22 – How to get one listing every month

8:45 – Having an open house playbook

10:27 – Building SOPs

13:18 – Back to one listing a month…

19:03 – What to say to past clients and sphere

28:27 – The training process

32:24 – Reach out to Jamie and Jill