You may have heard that this isn’t a good market for young real estate agents to make their start. But if you believe that, then you need to hear how 20-year-old Vincent Kessel managed to go from nothing to $15 million in volume over just 12 months.

Vincent may be son of a real estate giant, but he got no help from his dad (not even a job) and moved to a new city where he knew no one to build his reputation from the ground up.

In this episode of the Tom Ferry Podcast Experience, I sat down with Vincent as well as Rockstar agent and role model Byron Lazine to examine Vincent’s story and see what young real estate agents can do to make a name for themselves in this market.

If you’re a new agent who has been in the business less than three years, this is an absolute must-watch. And if you’re an old pro, you better watch anyway, because these young real estate agents are coming for you…

In this episode, we discuss…

0:00 – Vincent enters real estate

4:15 – Vincent’s biggest deal

6:33 – For the person uncomfortable calling

10:20 – Delayed gratification

12:21 – Get in the room